Answers to Excel interview questions

How many types of cell references are there?

Three types, those are absolute, relative and mixed cell reference.

Tell me something about the absolute cell reference.

The absolute cell reference means that you can move or copy the cell to any other cell, but the cell reference will not change. You need to anchor both row and column in order for them to remain the same when moved or copied.


Let’s assume you have one copy of MS Excel installed on your computer. Under what circumstances you would be allowed to also install it on another machine?

Besides the obvious uninstalling from the first computer, you actually have the right to install the copy of MS Excel on a portable device, and it can be used by the primary user of that device. This is according to Microsoft Software license terms agreement, and not many people know that they can save themselves a lot of money with this option.


Is it possible to enter the current time and date into different cells (time into one cell, date into the other), but in a way that they would be static and remain unchanged as the time goes?

There is, actually, an extremely fast way to do this. All you have to do is to press Ctrl and colon (“:”) in the cell where you want to put the time, and after that hit enter. For the date, you should press Ctrl and semi-colon (“;”) before hitting enter.

Is there a limit to how many characters can you put into a cell?

There is a limit of 32k characters you can put in a single worksheet cell. You should also know that only the first 1000 can be displayed, depending on the font and display settings.

Can you tell me what exactly a function is?

That is an operation or a calculation that returns a result. You can found the Function library on the Formulas tab.

What are some of the most popular categories of Excel functions?

There are in total 13 function categories, and among the most used are mathematical, logical, text and lookup and reference functions.

Tell me something about the IF function in Microsoft Excel.

This function is used to perform a logic test of certain conditions, where if the conditions are met the cell would show one result, and if the conditions are not met, that same cell will display different result.

Can you name at least three data formats that are available in Excel?

You should know that there are no less than eleven formats for the storage of data in Excel. Some of the most used are text, date, currency, number and percentage formats.

Can you tell me something about the currency format in Excel?

Currency format is a special number format in which the data is kept in the form of a particular currency. When it comes to using them in formulas and calculations, they are treated completely the same like numbers.

Why do we use comments in Microsoft Excel?

There are numerous reasons why you can use them, for example, in order to make the purpose of the cell more clear to the readers, or for clarifying the formula in it, or you just want to leave some note about the specific cell to other users.

What is the way of adding a comment to a cell?

It’s very simple, you just have to right click the cell you want to add the comment in and select Insert comment.

Why is there a red triangle in the top right corner of a cell?

This triangle indicated that there is a comment related to that cell. When you place your mouse on the triangle, you will be able to see the comment.

Is there a way to wrap the text in a cell?

Yes, you would first want to select the text that you want wrapped, and after that click wrap text in the home tab, so you would be able to wrap the selected text.

Can you explain what does the ribbon serve for?

The ribbon runs on the top of Microsoft Excel application and serves as a replacement for the menus and toolbars. There are various tabs within the ribbons, and every tab has its personal group of commands.

If my data ends in cell D30, why do my scrollbars go all the way to the row 200?

This might be due to the fact that Excel memorizes the data that used to be in row 200, but has recently been deleted. You can hold Ctrl and hit End key to find the last cell in the worksheet, and if it is out of range of the cells you actually currently use, then you should reset the used range in order for the scroll bar to work accurately.

What is the way to clear all cell contents and cell formatting from a cell in a spreadsheet?

If you want to delete it all, comments, formatting and all the contents of the cell, then you should select the cells that you want to delete and then choose edit + clear, and then choose the elements to delete from the menu list.

Why should you use formulas in an Excel sheet?

With using of the formulas through your worksheet, you can easily do numerous complex calculations. This helps you a lot with things like payroll deduction or perhaps averaging the student’s result, you can also easily calculate your monthly family budget and other various things.

Is there a way of speeding up Macro execution?

Yes, there is. What you can do is to turn off the updating of the screen during the execution. You can do this by putting this at the start of the macro:

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

When you open a workbook, is there a way to make the refreshes in a Pivot Table automatic, but without having to use macros?

Yes, all you have to do is go to the Pivot Table Options, then Data and then select the following in there – Refresh data when opening the file.

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