How to Choose an Excel Training Course

Excel training courses can be a great cost-effective way to train your  employees,but similar to everything else in life, you have a number of options offered and you should choose the one that is best suitable for you or your company.
When it comes to Excel public training courses, these are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing the one you like the most.



Be sure to always consider that the certificate you get upon finishing your course is recognized in your industry and in your state, throughout the country or even abroad, depending on what kind of recognition you need.
Keep in mind that some of these courses will have an exam in the end before obtaining the certificate, but it will prove to be very useful to you when seeking  employment. In other cases, you will get a certificate from your training provider, but it won’t mean anything in your field of work.
While these courses can be useful, because you will without a doubt learn something, we strongly suggest you avoid them, because you might encounter a situation that you have to repeat the same course under a formally recognized program, before you can get employed.


Pick the correct Excel course for your needs and Correct Excel Version.

When it comes to MS Excel  training courses, various types are offered, starting from  basic knowledge up to advanced stuff and VBA programming. This is why you need to make sure you have chosen the course that most suits you. 

For example, of you don’t have any prior knowledge in Excel, you should start with basic stuff. On the other hand, you don’t want to waste time on simple things if you are already into Excel. Most of the providers offer to check your abilities and enroll you in the most suitable level. Beside this, keep in mind
the version of the software you will learn on, because if your company uses Excel 2013, you don’t want to enroll in an Excel 2003 course.

Course Format:


Among the first things you want to know is how much contact time does the course offer and are you expected to study at home a lot. If you are trying to fit the course with your full-time job, then you might choose to study by yourself by using an online Excel Course.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since it’s probably among the main reasons why you decided for the public training before the private classes. However, you should be very careful, while you want to scrape through with a cheap price, you will also want to make sure that you get high-quality training for you or your employees.

If you find the course that’s offering an incredibly low price,then  there’s probably a good reason for that, too, and you should try to find out more about it, since its quality of training is probably quite low. The best solution for you is to take the price of the course into account, but only together with the other factors that we suggest you consider, because that way  you will find the perfect balance between the cost and the quality of the course.


The best option possible is for it to be fairly close to all employees that you want to enroll in Excel public training course, or at least close to your offices.
You should also check on how the building looks, because naturally dilapidated house at the brink of the town won’t leave that big of an impression of the quality of the courses held there.



You will want to make sure that the classrooms are clean and meet current health and safety, and that they have enough space for the number of students that are  planned to be there.
You don’t want to get elbowed or something like that while you are trying to learn. Also, make sure that the environment in which you will study is noise free and interruption free, since you will want to focus and concentrate on the learning.

There are specific health and safety  rules for computer training rooms including limiting the glare from screens and the prohibition of open drinking cups.


Classroom Equipment:

This is an important issue, especially if for  Excel or other computer related public training courses. You expect to learn how to work on a PC software, so first thing you want to make sure is whether they provide you with your own laptop or desktop computer, on which you can follow all the classes.

This is basically one of those MUST HAVE items when you choose the right Excel course.
Besides that, you will want to make sure that the laptops are not out of date, that they are fairly new and fast. Also make sure the software they use is licensed and up to date, you don’t want to get your training on Excel 97, for instance, when it’s not used anywhere anymore.



This should also be on the top of your list. What is essential for you to consider is whether the tutor is certified by some vendor, in this case you will want to make sure that he is certified by Microsoft, which is a company that created Excel.

A license from that particular state’s Education Department or some University is also desirable, but the necessary thing is the certificate from Microsoft and we strongly suggest you avoid courses that don’t offer tutor with this certification.  Among other things you should consider when it comes to tutors is experience.
Make sure your tutor is somebody who has been doing that for a long time and possibly has real-world experience, because in this way he will often simulate business-like situations during training, which will help you a lot when you encounter similar stuff while
performing your actual job.


Among other things, you should check their policy on retaking the course, because in some situations providers offer this for free, or at least they give you the opportunity to take final exam for free. Also, see how much of study and printed material you get with the price paid for the course, and be sure to ask for
testimonials of other people who took that course.


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