How to choose an Excel Consultant and programmer

Services of Microsoft Excel consultants and programmers are becoming more and more wanted, and practically every reputable company needs them from time to time. If you have a repetitious job to do in Excel, which takes days or even weeks to be completed manually, or you need to create an Excel Macro for doing a major task, you will turn to the services of programmers and consultants. However, you will want to make sure you choose the right ones, and these are some of the things you might want to factor in when deciding who to trust the job with.

They offer the exact services that you need – Microsoft Excel is a pretty complex software and gives you an incredible number of ways to use it. So, whether you need an Excel macro to be created, or you need to convert some raw data into a useful Excel format, or you just want beautiful spreadsheet design, make sure that the consultants or programmers that you choose offer these exact things as services on their list. You don’t want to pay somebody like he is an expert, only to end up with him doing a sloppy job.

Certificates – all reputable Excel consultants and programmers are ready to share their certificates with you, since that way they can prove their skills in this software. Furthermore, you should be able to get yourself familiar with the certificates they have on their personal or their team’s website. As little help you might need, even if it’s a single formula, you will want to get it from a certified professional, and not from somebody who is self-trained and probably doesn’t have that envious skills after all.

Previous experience – as the owner or the President of the company, you might want to give an opportunity to some employee without previous experience, but when it comes to hiring Excel consultants of programmers, you will want to get to know their previous experience. The more reputable your company is and the more complex the task that you need done is, the more you want to make sure that you trust the job with some experienced programmers. If the consultants you intend to cooperate with have a lot of projects already done behind them, then you will be sure that they do a high-quality job, should you decide to offer it to them.

High-quality recommendations – one more thing that comes with the experience. The consultant you plan to hire is expected to make a proposal on what is the best solution for the problem that you have. In finding the most appropriate solution, it helps him when he has previous experience with working on similar projects.

Feedback – you will want to ask around for some testimonials about the Excel consultants and programmers you are planning to hire. We strongly suggest you find some feedback on their previous working experience, so you can be sure that they have done high-quality work. The better feedback they have from previous companies they worked with, the better chance they will also do a great job for your business.

Pricing – You can’t avoid considering this item, since it’s often one of the main reasons why we choose the particular option. We strongly advise you against deciding for the cheapest consultant or programmer there is, at least not before getting some more information about them, simply because there is usually a reason why they are so cheap. What you want to do is consider the complexity of the task you need done, and based on that try to find the best possible balance between the price and the quality you get. For example, if you have a tight deadline in which you have to solve a major need, then it’s probably a good idea to go for some a little bit more expensive programmers and consultants. On the other hand, if you just need help with some simple formulas, then you might not need the most reputable consultant, since a good job can also be done by a modest one.

Free estimate – if you are hiring an Excel consultant and programmer for only one particular task, then they must be able to give you a free estimate on the price for the job done. If they ask you to pay just for an estimate, then they are probably way more expensive than they deserve to be paid.

Efficiency – your consultant and programmer must be able to do the job efficiently, even if it’s a complex task in question. Reason behind this is simple, you just don’t want to hire someone that will take hours or even days to finish a pretty simple job, especially since they say that time is money and being late may reflect badly on your company’s results.

Waiting list – this is connected with the previous item, if you intend to hire a consultant and programmer and he is not able to start with the completion of the task immediately after you hire him, but has to put you on the waiting list where you would have to wait it line for days, you should decide against hiring him. Such people are usually just a waste of time and you should value yours highly.

Support – You hired a programmer to give you the much easier solution for some job that you would need days to finish if you are doing it manually, but that is just the beginning of his job. Make sure that he will offer support and make some further enhancements, if they are needed when you test the solution he has provided for you. In most cases, this part of service is included in the general price.

Long-term cooperation – there are certain advantages when you decide to hire a consultant or a programmer on a long-term basis. He will get to know your business and he will be able to deliver the perfect solution for you business’ needs faster than usual. Besides, he will be there for all support and enhancement you need to make.

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